Comtech PC



We strive to put you in a position that you never need costly reactive computer repairs, but if that time comes we are here to assist you! With anything from complete computer failure to software issues and virus removal.

Proactive Care

Our specialty is proactively caring for your system so you don't need expensive reactive services.

With comprehensive remote services we take care of your maintenance, security and data so you don't have to worry about it! Then if you need assistance with anything else we are a click of a button away!

Web Services

It is important for your business to be seen on the internet. You can have a great business, but If people do not find you or worse, get a bad first impression on the web, does it profit you? We offer 99.9% uptime reliable Hosting and Services such as design and cloud based application backup to help you maintain a pleasant online presence.

Who We Are. What We Do

We are a local computer repair/consulting shop located in in Mason, MI. We are family owned and operated and have been passionately serving your I.T. needs since 1999. 

We offer a full range of technology support and repair services from business networks to your SOHO personal PC. At Comtech we believe in offering the least intrusive and most proactive approach to maintaining your computer systems. 

What People Say About Us

Comtech Really got me out of a jam when I needed it most! I'd just lost everything do to my own stupidity. Not only did they bring me back to working order but they are now keeping me up and running smoothly!

I have piece of mind knowing I'm secure and they are constantly maintaining my systems.
David Richter
Happy New Customer
I just signed up for the care and protection subscription and boy have I ever gotten more than my money's worth! I have no regrets!

They'll take good care of you and make you wonder how you ever survived without them, paying for all that other rubbish.
Retired Engineer
I always thought spending money on computer maintenance before I had to was a waste; I could just take a gamble & may not have to put any money out that year or pay the piper if I did. Boy, was I wrong!

I'm still paying for that mistake. I will never be without my care and protection plan again! Thanks!