4 Ways Managed IT Services Can Save You Money & Reduce Stress at Home and for Your Small Business

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about the need for homeowner’s, business, or auto insurance. You pay a smaller amount monthly or annually to avoid a much larger bill down the road if something goes wrong. But when it comes to the technology we use every day, people tend to wait until it’s broken before paying for maintenance.

If you’re running a small business, or a family household, it’s natural to want to keep costs down as much as possible. As a result, many families and small business owners don’t prioritize an IT Managed Services Plan into their budget. Instead, they just wait until a computer or connection goes down before calling for an emergency repair. But that “wait till it breaks” philosophy is actually costing them much more.

Managed IT services are just like having an insurance policy for your computer or other tech. Pay a small amount monthly to avoid larger costs later when something goes wrong. But you actually get a bit more than just that insurance. Managed services help lengthen the life of your device by using a proactive approach to ongoing maintenance and monitoring, you can also get technical support when you need it.

Our Computer Care Team at Comtech PC provides a full range of technology support and repair services to homes and small businesses. Too often we end up seeing the same customers coming in when something goes wrong every few months and paying much more (and being more stressed out) than if they had just signed up for a Managed Services Plan.

So, what are the benefits of Managed Services for residential and small business IT needs? And what exactly is included? Read on for those answers and more!

Are Managed IT Services Really Cost Effective for Smaller IT Needs?

The short answer is, yes. Even if you have just one computer that you use regularly, you can save money on maintenance, repairs, and replacement costs by signing up for a Managed Services Plan.

But most people have multiple tech devices…

Each person in North America is expected to have an average of 13 connected devices by 2021. (MediaPost)

If you’re waiting until one of your devices breaks before fixing it, thinking it’s cheaper that way, you could be very wrong, even for the more simple fixes.

For example, here’s the average US cost of two common computer repair issues according to Google:

  • Virus Removal – $99-$150
  • Operating System Reinstallation – $150-$200

If you had two of those issues on one home or business computer in a year, which is very common, that would cost you between:

  • $249 – $350 annually (Fix when it breaks)

And that doesn’t include the cost of lost productivity time being without your device and any extra cost for expedited service.

Average cost for two of our popular Managed Services Plans at Comtech PC:

  • $179 – $239 annually (Proactive Managed Services)

That’s an average savings just for those two issues of up to $171.

Ways You Can Save by “Insuring” Your PC’s with a Managed Service Plan

Reduce Unexpected Costs

A Managed IT Services Plan is a predictable monthly expense without any unbudgeted surprises. When you wait for the worst to happen with your PC before spending any money on maintenance, you can get hit with some urgent and rather high repair expenses.

Reduce Losses Tied to Productivity

If a small business or home computer goes down, until it’s fixed, you’re losing work and productivity. Many home computers are relied upon for freelancing income or used for flex-time jobs. Each hour you’re without your device, means dollars going out the window due to work that can’t get done.

Reduce Chances of Identify Theft or a Data Breach

Many data breaches aren’t even found out until months after they happen, so during that time criminals can be stealing sensitive information from your device. Most Managed IT Service Plans include anti-virus and malware monitoring and support to keep you safe from a devastating intrusion.

Reduce Interruptions & Stress

Most people are running at full speed all day. Whether you’re keeping your family on schedule or growing a small business, interruptions from broken computers and having to take them in for repair can really drag down your day. With Managed Services, you’ve got a “go to” person to handle any technology needs so you can go about your day uninterrupted.

What’s Included with Managed IT Services?

Comtech PC has a number of affordable computer care plans to fit anyone’s budget. They’re all chocked full of value-added services to make your life easier. You can see a full listing here, below are some of the key services you can expect.

  • 24/7 Built-in Help Ticket Form
  • Health Warning Pop-up Alerts
  • Tech Connector Remote Software
  • Proactive Monitoring Alerts for
    • Anti-Virus Health
    • Low Hard Drive Space
    • Windows/Application Crashing
    • Hard Drive & Firewall Health
    • and More
  • Windows & Software Updates
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Surf Protection
  • Quarterly Maintenance
  • and Much More!

Want to Reduce Stress and Lower Your PC Maintenance Costs?

Don’t stay up at night wondering whether your computer is protected from viruses or when the next crash is coming. A Managed Services Plan can not only lower your PC maintenance costs it can reduce lost time without your device.

Contact us today for more details and a more stress-free life!

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